3D Imaging

Drs. Pavlick and Reppas have the i-Cat 3D Imaging System available in their office.  This high-definition, advanced technology only takes 9 seconds and produces immediate three-dimensional images of patients’ critical anatomy.  This gives Drs. Pavlick and Reppas the opportunity to more thoroughly analyze bone structure, tooth orientation, and joint space, and detect and evaluate deformities and pathology.  The exact anatomical information can facilitate precise diagnostics with numerous applications.  

  • Optimizes implant placement: position and size of implant

  •  Indicated whether bone grafting or sinus lift is needed in areas of insufficient bone for the implant procedure.

  • Determines more precise tooth position and proximity to vital structures.

  • Accurately measures bone and jaw deformities and detects other pathology, such as cysts, tumors and diseases.

  • Allows us to precisely place your implants into the most ideal location while avoiding important structures such as nerves that supply feeling to your face.    

i-CAT Benefits for Patients

  •  The i-CAT offers the highest level of surgical predictability resulting in successful surgical outcomes for patients.

  • Over ten times less radiation compared to a medical CT.

  • A quick and easy 9 second scan producing the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of mouth, face and jaw.

  • An open environment scan increasing the patient’s comfort level

  • Lower cost than a medical CT

  • Reduces surgery time

  • Within minutes of the i-CAT scan, we are able to offer you an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan – all in one visit!